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Services fire sprinkler & BROMINDO includes fire inspection sitem newly installed or already installed, Routine checks refers to the standard fire code, insurance requirements and client needs, inspection systems ensure fire ( fire system ) work optimally for you appoint the right company and certified. response system is running correctly. providing services and handling of your fire sprinkler, Our technicians are trained to help resolve any problems fire system ( fire systems ) available at your company, respond quickly and provide the best solution.

Fire sprinkler maintenance & inspection and maintenance checks are periodic which can have an impact on your insurance premiums.

Inspeksi sprinkler meliputi:

  • Check gauges ( gauge )
  • Check air pressure and water right
  • Examination of the fire alarm
  • Examination of water flow alarm ( waterflow alarm )
  • Tes kerja sprinklers
  • Cek control valve
  • Checking fire pump, tangki air, and fire department connections

Services available include:

  • Inspection – visual inspection of fire protection systems or parts of the system
  • Air-flow testing
  • Fire Pump Testing ( fire pump )
  • Alarm Testing
  • Testing dry pipe, pipe Basah, or pre-action before the valve work
  • The test results
  • Valve preservation
  • Obstruksi investigasi

For more information on fire prevention services and fire sprinkler Services & inspection with troubleshooting you can contact us