Viking Water Motor Alarms

Viking Water Motor Alarms merupakan perangkat mekanis yang digerakkan oleh aliran air. Perangkat ini dirancang untuk membunyikan alarm secara terus menerus pada saat sistem sprinkler beroperasi. Komponen alarm  dari setiap sistem sprinkler memiliki lebih dari 20 penyiram.

Viking Water Motor Alarms
A. Features Viking Water Motor Alarms

  1. The water motor alarms are tapped 3/4” NPT on the inlet and 1” NPT on the drain outlet.
  2. The water motor alarm package includes a drive shaft 16-3/4” (425 mm) long for walls 14” (356 mm) thick or less. A special extension shaft is available for walls up to 30-1/4” (768 mm) thick.
  3. The package also includes the required 3/4” (20 mm) NPT strainer for installation on the alarm line.
  4. Rated water working pressure of Model F-2 is 250 PSI (17.2 bar).


B. Accessories: (order separately)

  1. Extension Mounting Cup: Viking Part Number 05957B, Material: 14-Gauge Cold Rolled Steel, UNS-G10080, coated with black E-coat. The extension mounting cup is required when the wall thickness is less than 3” (76.2 mm). Refer to “INSTALLATION” instructions. See Figure 2.
  2. Closure Plate: For use with Model F-2 only, Viking Part Number 05820B, Material: 16-Gauge Galvanized Steel, UNS-G10080. The closure plate is required when the Model F-2 Water Motor Alarm gong is mounted on an irregularly surfaced wall. It serves to prevent birds from entering the inside of the gong. The closure plate also serves as a mounting plate for sheet metal walls. Refer to “INSTALLATION” instructions. See Figure 2.
  3. Special Extension Shaft: Viking Part Number 03312B, Material: Stainless Steel, UNS-S30400. The extension shaft is required when the F-2 or G-2 Water Motor Alarm is installed on walls from 14” (356 mm) to 30-1/4” (768 mm) thick.

Listing Approvals Viking Water Motor Alarms

Source:  Technical data, Installastion, operation dan maintenance Viking Water Motor Alarms PDF

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